Pretty Your Pumpkin! {Oct 2}
The Tin Cactus

Pretty Your Pumpkin! {Oct 2}

Regular price $15.00

Join us for an evening of ADORABLE pumpkin crafts, snacks, drinks & special discounts exclusively for our pumpkin party! {Each option includes all you can eat and drink!} Friday, October 2nd, 7:00 pm @ The Tin Cactus

You have TWO options when it comest to prettying up your pumpkin:

1. Pumpkin Floral Arrangement
- carve out your pumpkin and fill it with an arrangement of beautiful wild flowers of your choice! $40 (price includes pumpkin, all flowers and tools needed)

2. Painted Pumpkin
- paint your pumpkin however your heart desires! $15 {price includes pumpkin, paint, and an accessory such as a cute burlap bow}

15% off your ENTIRE purchase while you're at the TC!
*Cash or check is preferred - please bring to The Tin Cactus to reserve your spot!*

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